Rahul Nair

Rahul Nair

Research Staff Member

IBM Research Europe


Rahul Nair is a Research Staff Member at IBM Research Europe in Dublin. His research interests are in technology and development (societal applications), trusted computing. His expertise is in optimization, machine learning applied across sectors particularly transportation, healthcare, and business computing. He holds a Ph.D. from University of Maryland College Park.

Recent Posts

Prospective Explanations

At NeurIPS 2021 this year, Pierpaolo Tomassi and I have a demonstrator that brings together a few ideas on surrogates, bayesian networks, and model understanding. The system (while its still up!

Partitioning a set

Integer programming approaches to set partitioning

Zero-Suppressed Decision Diagrams and Independent Sets

I stumbled across Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs) by chance. They are an efficient data structure to represent sets of graphs. While a graph $G$ is a set of vertices $V$ along with a set of edges $E$ that connect the vertices, a graph set is a collection of subgraphs over the universe $V$.

Barriers to the CPLEX

So you think you need CPLEX? To find out more, you review the marketing material. After you wade past that you get to the technical documentation. The links lead you in loops.

Oh Python

Suppose you have a list of objects that you need to iterate over two consecutive items at a time. An old stackoverflow question for this leads to the a quote from the documentation that reads:

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Robust transit line planning based on demand estimates obtained from mobile phones

Line planning with demand range estimates

User Driven Model Adjustment via Boolean Rule Explanations

ML systems that allow users to adjust decision boundaries

What Changed? Interpretable Model Comparison

Addresses the problem of distinguishing two machine learning (ML) models built for the same task in a human-interpretable way

Artificial intelligence indocyanine green (ICG) perfusion for colorectal cancer intra-operative tissue classification

Classification of tissue based on near infrared imaging of flow of dyes

Scenario-based XAI for Humanitarian Aid Forecasting

One domain application of artificial intelligence (AI) systems is humanitarian aid planning, where dynamically changing societal …